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About Mehyog

A product from Kandamkulathi Francis Vaidyans Ayurveda Vaidyasala, Mehyog is an Ayurveda medicine for diabetic patients. Mehyog is a formulation from the centuries-old THALIYOLA Grandha (palmleaf manuscripts) handed down over generations. Late Francis Vaidyar (19th Century) used to treat the patients as per the prescriptions in these Thaliyola Grandhas. Understanding the value of the information in these Thaliyola Grandhas, Kandamkulathi Francis Vaidyans Ayurveda Vaidyasala decided to use it for the benefit of the society by large-scale manufacture and marketing of the formulations.

Mehyog - has been found to have a telling curative effect on most of the accompanying problems of a diabetic, like fatigue, joint pains, vision, etc And that is why doctors have begun prescribing Mehyog.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease as well as a genetic disease. And at present lifestyle diseases are on the rise due to the unhealthy food habits and work related routines and stress. Mehyog has even proven its effect as a deterrent too, prolonging and keeping off diabetes.

Mehyog is a nutritious natural preparation having no side effects.

If sufficient quantity of insulin is not produced in a person, the body fails to utilize sugar properly and becomes diabetic. Insulin is a hormone produced by beta cells in pancreas of the body. This Ayurvedic medicine aims at regenerating the destroyed beta cells and thereby producing the required quantity of insulin which keeps the blood sugar level normal. Mehyog helps to develop and build up beta cells.


Mehyog - Within 21 days the urinary complaints and the stomach disorders will be normalized; the numbness and swelling of the hands and legs, joint pains, muscle pain will be reduced; sleeplessness will be cured along with the tiredness and weakness if any. Chances of heart attack due to high blood pressure and shortage of insulin is reduced as Mehyog normalizes the sugar level in blood. The use of Mehyog helps to strengthen the small blood vessels and thereby correcting the eye problems. Mehyog helps to reduce the intensity of paralysis by pushing up the blood supply to brain and also guards the kidneys from weakness due to high blood pressure and increased sugar level.


Ideally Mehyog should be used twice a day in the beginning. If your Fasting Blood Sugar is below 150mg, you should take one tablespoon (5gm) of Mehyog powder and if your Fasting Blood Sugar is above 150 mg or if the patient is under insulin intake, then the patient should take 2 tablespoons (10 gm) of the powder. Mix the powder in one glass of hot water. When it cools down to lukewarm temperature, drink it with all of its sediments half an hour before breakfast and dinner. Mehyog will be more effective if it is mixed with water and boiled. When improvement in the blood sugar level is seen and is constant after taking Mehyog then one can reduce the dosage of Insulin and other allopathic medicines. Gradually, they can stop the usage of insulin & other allopathic medicines. Once the Blood Sugar is under control, you can reduce the intake of Mehyog also to 1 tablespoon once in a day to support beta cells in producing insulin. Mehyog is an Ayurvedic Medcine with 100% Natural herbs and it has no proven side effects.

Usage Guidelines w.r.t Blood Sugar level (Fasting):

Fasting Blood Sugar below 150: 1 tablespoon twice daily half an hour before food
Fasting Blood Sugar above 150 & for patients with Insulin intake: 2 tablespoons twice daily half an hour before food.

We are running an 18-bed Ayurveda hospital in Ernakulam for the support for Diabetic patients served by efficient experienced doctors. And their advice can be sought by Mehyog customers over phone through the below contacts 24 hours a day.

Consultant doctor – 9567865000, 9567865030

Customer Care/Product Support – 9567865002

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